In Heather's Words...

After much thought and prayer, I have decided to share a deeply personal testament to Heather's character, strength and inner longings.

Written in July/August 2007, Heather wrote this, not knowing it would be read or shared with others. It was a personal conversation between her and God whom she loved and worshiped. Heather was not perfect, as none of us are, but she had a strong Christian faith and she tried daily to live her life as He would have her live it.

This beautiful letter and prayer has brought us tears as we long for her, a ray of hope that she is in a better place, an undeniable sense of admiration and source of comfort and we cherish it. If we could all strive to live our lives according to our Heavenly Father and speak so sincerely from the heart, we would be blessed beyond compare.



Heather's Words

"I need to start over, not just with a change in scenery, which is easily accomplished by a move or a change in jobs, or with my personal friendships, but I need to start a new relationship with God. He has always been just 'God' to me...the guy that gave me warm, tingly feelings at church camp, the creator of the universe and of me. But I now realize that he is much, much more than that; I need more from him now. I need him to fill all of the places in my soul that have been previously filled by secular wants and feelings.

I need God to be my friend, as well as/in addition to my Savior. I've often thought about how silly it must seem to want someone who you can't even see to be your best friend. I've been thinking about that lately and I decided to ask God to be my best be the one to whom I confided in, to help me through times that I didn't think were possible to make it through. And the most amazingly awesome thing happened - my best friend that I can't even see answered me back, not audibly, but through His word and after studying His word, this peace and reassurance come over me and I knew that everything is under control. There was a time when I had this type of personal relationship with God but over the years it has slowly slipped away from me. It's so much more complicated and hard now. Why can't I give myself totally to Him?

Father, thank you for all of the experiences you've sent me through - I know that they're for a purpose. But now God I ask that you have your way with me. Please don't let me cheat myself by awakening things that should be left only for you to open. Lord, open up the doors of friendship in you, where I can learn the true meaning of love. Also, Jesus, let our lives be centered around you daily. Teach me to be like you because you are the reason that we live. Help me to encourage others to seek your will and accept your word. I know that the most powerful bond in the world is through you. Thank you for your undying love, Lord and because of what you've done, I want to give you my life. Jesus, please keep me and my loved ones safe and prepare us for what lies ahead. Please help us to follow your path and not the path that we choose. Keep putting your voice in my heart because sometimes you say things that slip past us.

Lord, lift me up where I belong...with you. I want to know you Lord, not just about you. I also want to ask you to keep teaching me to use my talents for you, give me the words and insight to open people's eyes and hearts to you. Please give me favor towards men, so that they may see that I'm different from the norm. Please bless my family - anoint their heads with the oil of joy. Please bless my friendships that they may grow in you daily.

Once again, God, take me where you want me, make me, mold me, use me and conform me to your will. Jesus, thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I love you Lord, take my heart and soul Father. And once again Lord, thanks for revealing your truth to me."

Your Daughter,



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