Our Staff

Heather's T.R.E.E. is comprised of loving individuals who volunteer their time and efforts towards our goal of providing training, resources, education and empowerment with regard to domestic violence.

  • Linda Francomb - Editor, Publisher Heatherstree.org
  • Xan Spencer - Planning, Fund Raising
  • Jenn Swift - Planning, Fund Raising
  • Kristin Hatten - Planning, Fund Raising
  • Katie Staten Hughes - Planning, Fund Raising
  • Elizabeth Hall Sanders - Planning, Fund Raising
  • Jay Herrington - Donations, Fund Raising, Entertainment
  • Mary Ann Kirby - Planning, Fund Raising, Advertising
  • Dave Gatlin - Planning, Entertainment
  • Rachel Herrington - Auction, Fund Raising
  • Christie Dixon - Auction, Fund Raising
  • Anna Walker Crump - National Expansion Consultant, Washington, D.C.


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